We listen, innovate, and work for you

Our goal is to inspire and make people happier. Our product development begins in collaboration with our retailers. We listen to our partners’ needs, gather local stories and legends, and innovate – finding new ways to present these stories through packaging and simple design. We aim to be long-term partners for our retailers.

How can we inspire & innovate together?

Stories from our retailers

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What would life be like without adventure?

Our journey began when we were 8th-grade students publishing a Happy Calendar. We noticed that those around us weren’t as happy as they could be. Unsure if it was due to the gray, dark winter or something else, we decided to take action. We created a calendar with a daily challenge, such as “Hug,” “Smile,” or “Drink milk.” These simple activities aimed to bring joy to each day. In our first year, we released 1,000 calendars that quickly sold out within weeks, prompting us to continue.

Five years later, we rebranded as SEIK Publisher and expanded our reach across the Baltics, Nordics, Central Europe, and beyond. Our goal with every product remains the same: to inspire people, offer adventure, and bring happiness. Over the years, we’ve launched over 1000 different products.

Today, we’re still a small team of young, creative individuals, constantly seeking new ideas to inspire you.

Rudolf-Gustav Hanni / Founder of SEIK Publisher

Why do we want you to be happy?

Even the ancient Greek philosophers believed that being happy was the most important goal of life. We took it to heart. We create inspiring products to find your way to happiness.

Who do we act for?

We are committed to making every person’s life in the world a little happier. There are many more steps to go there and you can help by sharing us with your loved ones.

How do we really do that?

We have discovered that by living to the fullest every day, undertaking exciting adventures or inspiring your loved ones, it is possible to be happy. That’s why we create our products.

Our values

We Partner with Handpicked Local Stores Across Europe

Our journey began as Happy Calendar, a Student Company. Each day featured a challenge like “Give a hug,” “Give a smile,” or “Help a neighbor.” In our first year, we sold all 1000 Happy Calendars, with many customers ordering more. However, we ran out of stock. Initially, we sold in local design stores and bookstores.

As our mission to inspire people to have adventures grew stronger and Estonia became too small for us, we expanded our horizons. We translated our products and met our first resellers outside Estonia. Our journey led us to venture into various markets across Northern and Central Europe, sharing our vision with a wider audience.

Today, we collaborate with over 200 retailers and over 3000 locations across Europe and beyond, offering products in 10+ languages. We partner with innovative bookstores, design shops, souvenir stores, and museums.

Every day, we strive to bring our vision to life, spreading happiness and adventure worldwide.

We want to innovate together with you

✓  Let’s design local products with unique stories

✓  Make products, that customers are asking for

✓ Innovate usability and packaging to make them practical and fun

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